General terms of rent

I. « CLASSE RENT A CAR » is the company Eurodom d.o.o.
II. « renter » is a person, company or organization in whose name the vehicle is being rented under the Terms of Rent,
III. « driver 1» is the physical entity responsible for following all items in the Contract of Rent, authorized and written on the front side of the Contract of Rent along the « renter »,
IV. « driver 2» is the physical entity responsible for following all items of the Contract of Rent, authorized and written on the front side of the Contract of Rent along with the « renter ». The « renter » must make certain that each authorized driver fulfils the General Terms for Rent,
V. « vehicle » is the vehicle stated on the front side of the Contract of Rent.
VI. « renter, driver 1 and driver 2 » continued in the text of the contract is to be understood as one word: « client ».
In these terms of rent, Classe rent a car iz renting you (the client) the exactly defined vehicle in the Contract of rent and you agree with all of the terms of rent written below. With your signature on the contract you confirm that you agree with these terms of rent and you commit to the articles of this Contrat of rent.

1. Authorized driving of the vehicle: The rented vehicle can only be driven by people over the age of 21 who own a driver's license for at least 2 years.

2. Under no circumstances can the rented vehicle be driven or used:
a) by a person not stated as the client in the Contract on Rent; b) for the paid transfer of passengers and goods; c) through a contract closed based on false statements or personal information; d) for races, testing durability, testing speeds or driving lessons; e) for pulling another vehicle or object, f) by a person under the influence of alcohol, sedatives, sleeping pills, barbiturates, narcotics, hallucinogenic and other drugs, g) while the vehicle is not in driving condition or is over-burdened, or the limitation regarding the number of passengers and luggage stated in the documents of the vehicle is not followed; h) outside of EU, and outside of category I, II and III level roads; i) for not respecting speed limits or other traffic signs defined by the Law of the country in which the vehicle is being driven – 90 km/h for category I roads, 50 km/h for II and III category roads, 130 km/h on highways; j) while violating legal terms and regulations regarding the use, loading or condition of the vehicle or any other illegal purpose.
The state limitations are cumulative and each of them is implemented for each use, management and driving of the rented car. Classe rent a car does not regard itself responsible for any damage or loss caused by violation of the stated limits by the client.

3. Picking up and returning the rented vehicle: The only authorized person for handling the vehicle and renting the same is Classe rent a car, and the client picks it up in correct technical condition. The client is obligated to return the vehicle with all of its tires, tools and equipment stated in the Contract on Rent and the Check out-Check in form, in the same condition it was taken, other than the usual natural usage, at the time and place stated on page 1 of the Contract o Rent. The vehicles are rented on a daily price in accordance to the tariff, where one day means a period of 24 hours starting with the beginning stated in the contract. After this time period has expired, an additional day will be charged.

4. Payments: The client is obligated to settle his bill within 24 hours after it has been received or in the case of cash payments, when the vehicle is being returned as agreed on page 1 of the Contract on Rent: the time, kilometre distance and other costs defined in the Contract on Rent. The amount is paid in accordance with the tariff in force when the Contract is being closed. In case the payment is late, a legal interest rate will be charged as well as collection reminder fees. If the vehicle is returned to a location which is different than the one it was picked up from, the final calculation which is made by the location where the vehicle is returned has authorization from the location which issued the vehicle and has rights to send a corrected bill. By signing this Contract, the client agrees that his credit card or another way of payment will be burdened by Classe rent a car with any repair costs, faults or losses which are discovered after the vehicle is returned and the client did not inform Classe rent a car in accordance with the procedure on returning the vehicle. The client is considered responsible for all traffic violations done during the time of rent. In case the client does not settle these violations, Classe rent a car will charge them to the client together with administrative costs. Classe rent a car obtains the right to charge the above stated costs without previously informing the client. State taxes, tariffs and alike will be charged in accordance with the valid legal regulative. The client, with his signature on this contract agrees and accepts that the obligated parties responsible for payment of all items in this Contract of Rent are:
a) the client, b) driver 1 – in case the client refuses to either completely or partially settle his obligation by this Contract on Rent, c) driver 2 – in case the client or driver refuse to either completely or partially settle their obligation by this Contract on Rent

5. Prolonging the rent: In case the client needs the vehicle longer than specified, the client is obligated to receive written confirmation of this from Classe rent a car at least 24 hours before the rent is finished. In case these conditions are not followed, Classe rent a car has all rights to use all legal measures in order to take the rented vehicle from the client. In case the client returns the vehicle after the date stated when closing the Contract on Rent, and there was a change of prices during the rent period, new prices will be calculated after the day the vehicle was to be returned.

6. Kilometre distance: The number of kilometres while the vehicle is being rented stated in this Contract on Rent, will be defined by reading the factory installed kilometre reader.

7. Fuel: all vehicles are rented out with a full tank of fuel. If the vehicle is rented to the client, the client is considered responsible for the cost of fuel from when the vehicle leaves the office to the time it is returned to Classe rent a car. Classe rent a car has the right to calculate the service of fuelling the tank according to the decision of the Board.

8. Maintanance of the vehicle: The client agrees to maintain the vehicle in good condition and to regularly check the motor and oil of the automatic shift level, if it exists in the rented vehicle, as well as the water in the radiator, accumulator and pressure in the tires. The client is regarded responsible for settling all damages caused by not maintaining the vehicle. In case the rented vehicle, during the period it is rented, reaches the kilometre distance where a regular service is necessary, the client must inform Classe rent a car about this and place the vehicle in their disposal so the service can be performed. In this case, Classe rent a car gives a substitute car to the client.

9. Faults: Repairs or replacing parts of the vehicle must be done only by an authorized service with prior written consent by Classe rent a car. A refund of costs is done with presenting the bill from the authorized service where the repair was performed. However, replaced parts must be presented. In case the repair is done outside of an authorized service and the replaced parts are not presented, the costs will not be refunded. In case that any part of the vehicle is replaced or lost, damage costs will be charged three times the amount of the market price of that part.

10. Documents: All vehicles are rented with the necessary documentation. The client is held responsible for the stated documents. In case the client loses the documents, keys, registration plates and alike, the client will be charged for the production of new ones in accordance with the prices defined in the price list.

11. Passenger insurance: For an additional daily fee, an amount which is defined by the valid tariff, the passengers are insured to the amount of the insurance policy in case of death or invalidity as a consequence of an accident cause by Classe rent a car’s vehicle.

12. Insurance of the vehicle: All of the vehicles which Classe rent a car has at its disposal are insured against liability for damage caused to a third person. The deductible franchise depends on the vehicle group and is defined by the valid tariff decided by Classe rent a car and stated in the price list. In case of any damage done where the client is responsible or in case of damage caused by the client’s not knowing one or more terms of the rent, the client is obligated to settle the damage up to the full amount unless the liability is bought off by additional payments defined by the active tariff of Classe rent a car. The daily additional payment of insurance does not cover the following: a) damage to the tires; b) damage to the lower base of the vehicle, the shift lever and clutch, the interior of the vehicle and windshield caused by the negligence of the driver; c) damage to the motor caused by the lack of oil, adding the wrong type of fuel or negligence when using the vehicle; d) damage which was done by the driver under the influence of alcohol, drugs or alike; e) damage which was done by an unauthorized driver; f) any damage done to the vehicle which was not reported to the police.
The client is held responsible for all stated damages. Classe rent a car will not accept any liability for damage or loss which occurred while the vehicle was rented by the client who did not fulfil the above stated terms. The client is obligated to settle all above stated damage done to the Classe rent a car vehicle while using the stated vehicle.

13. CDW vehicle insurance and deductible franchise: CDW insurance covers the part of damage that occured on the vehicle during the rent which surpasses the amount of the deductible damage franchise. CDW insurance is included in the rental price for all cars, and in case damage occurs the client will only pay the ammount up to the ammount of the deductible franchise. Full damage franchise (CDW+) can not be bought for vehicles of power over 200kW.

The ammounts are:

a) 1000 EUR mini class (i.e. Smart, Audi A1) and scooters;
b) 2000 EUR for compact class (i.e. Mercedes A class, Audi A3 sportback) and motorcycles;
c) 4000 EUR for medium, high, SUV, and sport class (i.e. Audi A6, Mercedes S, BMW M2, M4, Porsche Panamera, 911);
d) 8000 EUR for supersport class (i.e. Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mclaren);

14. Fire and theft: ​The client takes responsibility for any damage or loss to the vehicle which has occurred due to negligence or in case the client ignored the terms stated in the contract in any way. In case of a car fire, the client is liable for the ammount of the CDW deductible damage franchise. In case of car theft, the client must return the car's document to the renter to be liable up to the ammount of the damage franchise, because if the documents are stolen with the vehicle, the client is liable for the full ammount of costs for a new vehicle purchase.

15. Damage: any and all damage must be immediately reported to the closest police station and the branch office of Classe rent a car which rented the vehicle and the client is obligated to not drive the vehicle while it is in an un-drivable condition. The Report – a special form which is located among the vehicle documentation and a statement regarding the damage must be filled out with all details concerning the accident (damage) and must be sent immediately to the branch office which rented the vehicle. The client is obligated to participate in the investigation and the procedure for processing the accident. The client is considered responsible for all costs if the terms in this article were not followed. If necessary, the client will receive a substitute vehicle.

16. Loss of property: Classe rent a car is not considered responsible for damage or loss to the property of the client or the property of others stored or transferred in or on the rented vehicle, the serviced vehicle or office areas of Classe rent a car. When signing this contract, the client specifically rejects all requests for damage costs to Classe rent a car in case of the above stated damages or losses.

17. Changes to the Contract on Rent: Not one term and regulation of this contract can be changed or rejected without written consent from Classe rent a car.

18. Vehicle control and takeover: All employees of Classe rent a car have the right to control any vehicle at any time. If it has been established that the client has violated any of the terms in this Contract, the employees are authorized to seize the vehicle. Classe rent a car unconditionally reserves the right to cancel the Contract on Rent at any time and any place, even before the expiration of the Contract, without any obligation to compensate damage to the client.

19. Traffic violations: The client even after the rent is considered responsible for traffic violations done during the rent period.

20. The client is obligated: a) not to smoke in the vehicle; b) that he will pay for cleaning costs if someone has been smoking in the vehicle or if food/drink spilling has occured which has stained the interior of the vehicle; c) that he will lock teh vehicle and close all openings of the vehicle when he is not using it, and will take the keys and documents out of the car.

21. Renter data: In these terms, Classe rent a car is defined as vehicle rental company Eurodom d.o.o. with headquarters in Opatija, Pavlovac 1, VAT number HR77177913856, for the area of Croatia and whose business activity is renting vehicles.

22. Renter liability: The renter is not liable for damages that might occur to the client or third parties during the use of the vehicle.

23. Terms approval: The client with his signature unconditionally accepts the standard terms and guarantees accuracy of all of the above stated information and accepts the authorization of the court in Rijeka in case of dispute.