About us

Classe is the first specialized luxury sports car rental brand in Croatia which rents its own vehicles, so you can always expect tidy and regulary maintained vehicles from us. Our vehicles are road legal, insured and have all the legally required equipment for winter (including winter tires) and in the summer to provide our customers with a carefree ride. Our vehicles are mostly of a higher price range and accordingly we emphasize the exterior and interior look of the vehicle. Our basic philosophy does not support, nor is it intended for customers to whom a car is just a means of transporting them from point A to B, but to customers who will appreciate the difference between the basic models of the car and the premium models we offer them.

Company data:

Eurodom d.o.o.,
Pavlovac 1, Opatija, Croatia
OIB: 77177913856
MB: 03608603
IBAN: HR5624020061100392337
Erste&Steiermärkische bank
Company founded: 1990.
Number of employees: 8


Classe luxury cars Rijeka
Pavlovac 1, 51410 Opatija
(at the very border line of Rijeka and Opatija)
Distance from the Rijeka airport (Omišalj, Krk): 33 minute, 37km

Classe luxury cars Zagreb
Rapska ulica 46B, 10000 Zagreb
(near the BMW Tomic car dealer showroom)
Distance from the Zagreb airport (Franjo Tuđman, Pleso): 12 minuta, 11km